A Proposal for a Solution to the North Korea-Problem

   According to latest news reports, famine has prevailed still more seriously in North Korea. An awful catastrophe might occur within a year or so. I guess all the parties involved have been watching the situation carefully and making their scenarios with various alternatives.

   My following proposal aims, first of all, to relieve North Korean people from their affliction, and then to let North and South Korea, China, the United States, and Japan keep their basic interests; though it could not satisfies every sides fully.

(1) The present North Korean regime should hand over the rights of sovereignty of the state. Its main members leave their country with their property and take refugee, for example, in China.

(2) In this case, Chinese government provides protection for them. And a new regime in North Korea is instituted with the support of Chinese government.

(3) Passing over the Yalu River, the People’s Liberation Army brings to North Korea provisions, medicines, and so on.

(4) South Korea, the United States, and Japan recognize the new North Korean government and offer food and economic aid to it.

(5) The new North Korean government should comply with international laws and regulations, release political offenders, and settle the Japanese kidnapee-problem immediately.

   I would appreciate if the parties involved should give thought to this proposal.


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